Student Shopping Deals

Student Shopping Deals

Welcome to the latest instalment of our popular Student Shopping Deals weekly feature.  This feature is here to take the inconvenience out of your student shopping.  We search for the cheapest possible prices on grocery essentials and group them together in our student shopping table.  Knowing where you can find the cheapest possible groceries will allow you to save money for the more importnat aspects of student life.

All of the prices on our student shopping table are collected from Asda, Tesco, and Sainsburys.

Student Shopping

Take a look at the table below, these are the chealest possible prices on these items.

We will be updating the table weekly to make sure that you have the cheapest possible prices when you make your shopping trip.  If there is anything you would like to see added to the student shopping table, just get in touch.

Student Shopping Table


Cheese (350g)£2.00£1.99£1.74
Chicken Breasts (220g)£2.20£3.00£2.70
Dried Pasta (500g)£0.30£0.30£0.39
Eggs (6pk)£0.95£0.95£1.00
Fajita Kit£2.00£1.99£1.99
Long Life Milk (1ltr)£0.53£0.53£0.53
Oats (1kg)£0.75£0.75£1.20
Peppers (700g)£1.77£1.50£1.51
Potatoes (1kg)£0.69£0.69£1.30
Potatoes (tinned)£0.15£0.15£0.14
Tomatoes (fresh, 500g)£0.95£0.95£0.81
Tomatoes (tinned)£0.31£0.31£0.31
Chocolate Digestives£0.55£0.44£0.50


Luxury Items

We understand that the items in student shopping table are essentials, everynow and then you may want to add a little luxury to your student shopping basket.  Well, how about checking our Midweek Bargains feature? This week you can find half price Easter Eggs and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, as well as Kelloggs Krave and First Cape Shiraz, all at bargain prices.

Bargains Begin Midweek Bargains


If you are confident enough, how about using some culinary expertise to turn the mundane in to the magnificent.  Of course, you will need some inspiration; and Food Network UK’s 30 essential student survival recipes is a great place to start.  Check it out by clicking on the link below.

Food Network 30 Essential Student Survival Recipes

Unfortunately, that’s brings an end to this week’s student shopping deals post.  If you found it helpful, leave us a comment.  Remember to check Bargains Begins daily for more great deals on your essential items, or follow us on Twitter.  You can also find us on Facebook.

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All prices were correct and offers available at the time of publication.

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