Student Shopping Deals

Student Shopping Deals

Our Student Shopping Deals article is here to make the grocery shopping element of student life just that little bit easier.  We collate the cheapest possible prices on grocery essentials and add them to our table.  Knowing where you can find the best prices will allow you to make the most of your money whilst you are at university.  It may even leave you with some spare change to spend on going out.

All of the items on the table can be found at Asda, Tesco and Sainsburys.  We update the table weekly, so if there is anything you think we are missing, just leave us a comment.

Student Shopping

Take a look at the table below.  These are the cheapest possible prices on these items.

We will be updating the table weekly to ensure that you have the cheapest possible prices when you make your shopping trip.

Student Shopping Table


Cheese (350g)£2.00£1.99£1.74
Chicken Breasts (220g)£2.20£2.50£2.70
Dried Pasta (500g)£0.30£0.39£0.39
Eggs (6pk)£0.95£0.95£1.00
Fajita Kit£2.00£1.99£1.99
Long Life Milk (1ltr)£0.53£0.53£0.53
Oats (1kg)£0.75£0.75£1.20
Peppers (700g)£1.77£1.34£1.51
Potatoes (1kg)£0.69£0.69£1.50
Potatoes (tinned)£0.15£0.15£0.15
Tomatoes (fresh, 500g)£0.89£0.95£0.81
Tomatoes (tinned)£0.31£0.31£0.35


As mentioned earlier, if there is anything you would like adding to the table, just let us know.  We will be reviewing the table weekly and adding items ourselves.

Luxury Items

If you are looking for some luxury to go with your not very interesting student groceries, why not have a look and see what was available in this week’s Midweek Bargains.  This week we featured: Nice and Easy stuffed, boneless chicken thighs, Magnum Ice Creams, and Chicago Town’s Takeaway Pizzas.

Find our Midweek Bargains here: Midweek Bargains


If you want to make the most of your student shopping by using your culinary skills, you might want to try the Good Housekeeping website.  There is a handy recipe finder that allows you to enter what you have in the cupboard and it will search for corresponding recipes.  As we all have random stuff in the cupboards, this is a handy tool.

Find it here: Good Housekeeping Recipe Finder

That’s all we have time for in this week’s Student Shopping Deals feature.  If you found it helpful, leave us a comment.  Remember to check Bargains Begin Daily for more great deals on your favourite items, or follow us on Twitter.  We are also on Google+.

All prices were correct and deals available at the time of publication.

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