Student Shopping Deals

Student Shopping Deals

Our student shopping table is here to bring you the cheapest prices on all of your student shopping essentials.  Knowing where to find the best prices on groceries will allow you to make the most of your money whilst you are at University.  We update the table weekly to ensure that our prices are always up to date.

All of the items featured can be found at Asda, Sainsburys and Tesco.  If you think there is an item we should include, just get in touch.

Student Shopping

Take a look at the table below.  These are the cheapest possible prices available on these items.

We will be updating the table weekly to ensure that you are always getting the most up to date prices available for when you plan your shopping trip.

Student Shopping Table



Cheese (350g)£2.00£1.99£1.74
Chicken Breasts (220g)£2.20£3.00£2.70
Dried Pasta (500g)£0.30£0.39£0.39
Eggs (6pk)£0.95£1.09£1.00
Fajita Kit£2.00£1.99£1.99
Long Life Milk (1ltr)£0.53£0.53£0.53
Oats (1kg)£0.75£0.80£1.20
Peppers (700g)£1.38£0.99£1.51
Potatoes (1kg)£0.69£0.69£1.50
Potatoes (tinned)£0.15£0.15£0.15
Tomatoes (fresh, 500g)£0.95£0.95£0.81
Tomatoes (tinned)£0.31£0.31£0.35


As mentioned earlier, if there are any items that you would like adding to the student shopping table, just let us know.  As we update and review the table, we will be adding items ourselves.

Luxury Item

We thought that a couple of luxury items were needed in this article, since all of the items in the student shopping table are the lowest possible prices and usually supermarket own brands.  So, if you want to treat yourself this week, take a look at these deals:

Cadbury Animals Mini Packs (6pk) available at Sainsburys for just 80p (reduced from £1.60)

Tesco New York Cookie Cheesecake available at Tesco for just £1.25


Another way to make the most of your student shopping is to use your cooking skills to transform the most basic items in to something delicious.  Take a look at BBC Good Food’s student recipe page to find simple recipes that will help make meal times more interesting.

That’s the end of this week’s Student Shopping Deals Post; hopefully, it’s been helpful.  Remember to check Bargains Begin daily for more great deals on your favourite items, or follow us on Twitter.

All prices were correct and deals available at the time of publication.

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