Midweek Bargains

Midweek Bargains

It’s that time of the week again for Midweek Bargains.  If you are looking for some deals for your middle of the week shop then you have come to the right place.  We have a mixture of Midweek Bargains from Waitrose, Sainsburys and Morrisons.  We have got Buy One, Get One Free, Half Price, and Better than Half Price deals this week.  Check them out:

Midweek Bargains

Midweek Bargains


Sainsburys have been one of our most popular supermarkets for our midweek bargains feature, they can always be relied on to have great offers in store, and online.  This week we have brought you some of our favourites.  Take a look:

McVities Breakfast Biscuits available for £1.14 (reduced from £2.29)

Ribena Squash available for £1.44 (reduced from £2.89)

Asparagus (125g) available on 2 for £3.00 (reduced from £2.50)

Blueberry Wheats available for £1.50 (reduced from £1.99)


This is the first time we have featured Waitrose on our midweek bargains feature.  They are not always known for their low prices, but there are lots of buy one, get one free deals there at the moment.  We have chosen some of our best. 

Pizza Express Pizzas (various) are available on Buy one, Get One Free for £4.50

Haagen Dazs (500ml) various are available for £2.22 (reduced from £4.45)

Lincolnshire Free Range Sausages (400g) available on 2 for £4.50 (£2.89 each)

Jacobs Club Biscuits (orange) available on Buy One, Get One Free for £1.75


Due to Morrisons not achieving their profit targets over the Chirstmas period, they have reduced a lot of prices in an effort to attract customers.  There are absolutely loads of offers in store at the moment to be taken advantage of.  Here are some of our favourites:

Original Source Shower Gel (250ml, various) available for £1.00 (reduced from £2.20)

Youngs Extra Large Beer Batter Fish Fillets available for just £2.00 (reduced from £4.00)

Heinz Snap Pots Beans available for 99p (reduced from £2.10)

Huggies Baby Wipes (64pk) available on Buy One, Get 2 Free for £2.49

All of the Morrisons midweek deals can be found on the Morrisons Offers webpage.

That brings an end to our Midweek Bargains feature.  Remember to check Bargains Begin daily for more great deals on you essential items, or follow us on Twitter.

All prices were correct and offers available at the time of publication.

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