Top 5 Dumbphones

Top 5 Dumbphones

All the rage at the moment seems to be about smartphones.  Whether it is the Iphone 5 or Samsung’s recently released Galaxy S4.  The only problem is, not everybody wants – or needs – a phone that attempts to replace all of the other technolgy in their lives; in fact, some people might just like a basic phone that just sends text messages and makes phone calls.  These still do exist, and someone was witty enough to coin the term “Dumbphones” for them.



Okay, so none of the dumbphones on our list are as basic as the one in the picture above, but they aren’t all that far off.  These phones are basic, they are cheap as chips, and they are perfect for anyone who is not fussed about the fancy bells and whistles in today’s smartphones.  Let’s take a look at our top 5 dumbphones.

5. T-Mobile Zest 2

Starting our list of dumbphones is this T-Mobile model that can be found at Tesco.  It sports a basic camera, an FM radio, and has a brilliant 480hrs standby time.  This is perfect start for our list.  Check out the basic price of a dumbphone.

T-Mobile Zest 2 available at Tesco for just £10.00

4. Vodafone Nokia 100

This a basic model from Nokia, and is currently available at Asda on the Vodaphone network.  Features include the following: a torch, FM radio, 840hrs standby time, and 7hrs talktime.

Vodafone Nokia 100 available at Asda for £15.00

3. Orange Samsung E1230

At number 3 on our list of dumbphones is this nice little model, it is available at Argos on the Orange network.  There are the usual features you would expect; a radio, 650hrs standby time, and it weighs just 66g.

Orange Samsung E1230 available at Argos for £9.99

2. T-Mobile Samsung E1190

This next offering is also from Argos.  It is a rather attractive flip phone from Samsung.  This model has 550hrs standby time, can store 1000 phonebook entries, and weighs just 71g. Not bad, let’s take a look at the price.

T-Mobile Samsung E1190 available at Argos for just £9.99

1. Samsung E2121b

Number 1 on our list of dumbphones is this little model from Samsung.  This model is available on a choice of networks at Carphone Warehouse.  This model has a camera and a radio.  Best of all though, is the price.

Samsung E2121b available at Carphone Warehouse for just £4.95 (when you make a £10.00 top up)

That’s the end of our top 5 dumbphones post.  Hopefully, you found it helpful; if so, leave us a comment.  Remember to check Bargains Begin daily for more great deals on your favourite items, or follow us on Twitter.  You can also find us on Facebook.

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