Chocolate Gifts

Chocolate Gifts

We aren’t writing this article to give you inspiration for Mothers’ Day or Valentines’ Day; instead, we thought it would be perfect if you wanted to treat yourself or your friends.  Let’s face it, Chocolate Gifts are always welcome, even if it is a gift from yourself. 

Chocolate Gifts

Chocolate Gifts

We have managed to seek out some irresistable chocolate gifts available at Hotel Chocolat, Thorntons and Cadbury.  There are chocolate gifts for sharing, drinking, or just keeping to yourself.  Let’s have a look:

Hotel Chocolat

We like everything about Hotel Chocolat: The Products, the Ethos, and the Service of this retailer are all absolutely fantastic.  And yes, they actually do have a hotel, if you’re intrigued, take a look.  Let’s take a look at some chocolate:

Hotel Chocolat One Off Milk Selection available for £9.95 (reduced from £19.95)

Hotel Chocolat Goody Bag available for £17.00

Hotel Chocolat Dipping Adventure available for £18.00


Chocolate gifts are always readily available from Thorntons.  There are lots of temptations in store and online at the moment.  We were very impressed with the End of Festive Season Bundle, a kilo of Thorntons chocolate for just £10.00.  Impressed.

End of Season Festive Bundle available for just £10.00 (reduced from £28.98)

Thorntons Limited Edition Classics available for £13.99

Thorntons Marc De Champagne Truffles Collection available for £9.99


We have found some lovely chocolate gifts in Cadbury’s online gift store.  Yes, all three are Valentine related; you can certainly buy them for your Valentine, but they would be just as much appreciated if bought for yourself.

Cadbury Valentine Treasure Box available for £10.00

Cadbury Valentine Hot Chocolate Gift Set available for £17.50

Valentine Chocolate and 12 Roses (flowers) available for £28.50 

That brings an end to this chocolate gifts post.  Hopefully, you feel inclined to treat yourself to some chocolate.  Remember to check Bargains Begin daily to find deals on your favourite items.

All prices were correct and offers available at the time of publication.

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